Tao Xu

Tsinghua University



3D Bioprinting for Precision and Regenerative Medicine


Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine has emerged as an innovative scientific field that focuses on development of new approaches for repairing cells, tissues and organs. While the current paradigm of utilizing combinations of biomaterial scaffolds and cells for tissue construction has shown to be effective, only a limited number of these technologies have been successfully translated to patients. This is due to various issues that are encountered in the tissue building process. In particular, living tissues maintain inherent multi-cellular heterogeneous structures, and rebuilding of such complex structures requires subtle arrangements of different cell types and extracellular matrix components at specific anatomical target sites. 3D bio-printing has been proposed as a tool to address these concerns. Since 2000 we have initiated the development of the jet-based 3D bioprinting. In this paper we will discuss the progress we have made with this emerging technology over the last decade, including the applications from the bench to bedsides.


Professor Tao Xu is the professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University, co-PI in the Precision Medicine and Healthcare Research Center at TBSI, and CTO of Medprin Regenerative Medical Technologies Co.Ltd. Professor Xu is the principal investigator of several research grants from China Ministry of Science & Technology, NIH, NSF and DOD in the U.SA. and etc. His Research interests are 3D Bioprinting, bio-fabrication, biomaterials and medical devices.