Tao Ye

Peking University

Natural Product Synthesis towards Small-molecule Drug Leads

Natural products are of great value not only for their own intrinsic pharmacological activity but also for their potential as tools used to understand how to design molecules with the properties necessary to produce highly effective therapeutics for the treatment of human disease. We have been interested in marine secondary metabolites and view their syntheses as playing a key role in structural confirmation, structural modification, and subsequent activity control. We have completed the total synthesis of 56 natural products including some most potent lead compounds.
The presentation will focus on our recent progress towards total synthesis of representative natural occurring macrocycles and the development of anticancer agents based on the core structure of the natural products.

Dr. Tao Ye joined the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School as a Professor of Chemical Biology and Senior PI. His research interests span the disciplines of natural product synthesis, chemical biology and drug discovery, which include the discovery and development of new agents of medicinal value through major advances in chemical synthesis. In addition to the completion of total synthesis of 52 natural products, he is well-known for contributions to the structural revision of the misassigned natural products. He received a "Xiaoyu Hu Memorial Award”, a “WuXi PharmaTech Life Science and Chemistry Award”, and has been admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.