Dariusz Prasek

Director of Operations

Environment and Sustainability Department
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development


Environmental Health Safety and Social Risk Management in Project Finance – an IFI Perspective

The presentation focuses on managing environmental, health, safety and social risks in large infrastructure projects from the perspective of an international financial institution (IFI) and other lenders involved in financing these projects. It outlines key requirements of various institutions and how they are applied at various stages of project development, including the origination, due diligence, financial closure and monitoring during construction and operation. The presentation discusses the approach to managing residual risks both by the project developers and by those supplying project financing. The presentation includes a case study of a linear development involving various challenges as well as mitigating measures.

Dr. Prasek currently holds a position of a Director of Operations at the Environment and Sustainability Department in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). He is responsible for coordinating environmental and social due-diligence and monitoring of various Bank’s investments. Dr. Prasek joined the Bank in 1992 and has been responsible for the environmental and social appraisal and risk management of Bank operations in a variety of sectors. k has been a key contributor to the development and implementation of the EBRD’s Green Economy Transition Strategy. He is an expert in environmental, social and governance areas with an experience in around 4000 investment projects across a number of sectors. Before joining the Bank he was an Advisor for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Earth Summit). Dr. Prasek holds a Ph.D. in environmental engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology, and from 1987 to 1991 was Assistant Professor at that university's Institute of Environmental Engineering. Dr. Prasek has published numerous articles in the fields of solid waste management, circular economy, environmental management, environmental aspects of project financing and is a member of many professional organizations.